Silt Socks are filled with many specific products to accomplish water filtering, diverting and vegetation growing objectives

ROUGH CUT WOOD CHIP – Our most common filler product. This Silt Sock is designed to trap sediment and filter water as it passes through at a controlled rate of flow. Reusable on site and easy to move compared to silt fence or other methods. The design of the sock provides intimate contact with the ground preventing water flowing underneath. 

 COMPOST – Organic compost and or mulch products used to create a much heavier and dense Silt Sock. Compost socks divert water around areas and obstacles rather than filter water through the sock. This is the best Silt Sock for overall perimeter control and water diversion. Can be left on site to grow in with surrounding vegetation and living walls. Stakes recommended every 5 ft.

STRAW / SWITCH GRASS – Used in specific situations around wetlands etc where a seed free filler material is required. These socks are much lighter in weight, easier to move, handle and lay down a lot of footage in a short amount of time. After project completion, these socks can be cut open to spread the filler material as a protector to growth of new seed. Flow rates are similar to wood chip filled socks.

SILT ROCK SOCK – Generally used on paved surfaces for street flooding on road work around gutter-line checks, ditch checks and perimeter control areas. Silt Rock Socks allow water to pass through at a high flow rate while blocking debris on outside. High Strength Mesh used to support the weight of rocks and for run-over protection. Filled with a mixture of rocks and wood chips for weight and filtering control. Heavy enough to remain in place without staking, light enough to be moveable and reused. Standard size 8” diameter x 36” long. Made to be used in straight line or curved series.