Silt Socks are an effective erosion control device. With no trenching required, they have a greater ease of installation than traditional methods, easier access to site location, low maintenance, they are moveable and reusable. Silt Socks are made from a variety of outer and filler materials depending on the application. Silt socks can be installed in most any weather on both flat and sloped areas. Silt Socks are an EPA and BMP approved practice.

Common Applications:

Landscaping: Silt Socks both filter water and control the rate of water flow providing an effective way to control landscaping sediments.

Material Collection Sites: Silt socks are an effective way to control recyclable material drop areas that have expanding and moving perimeters.

Spill Control: Silt Socks are very transportable and handleable for quick emergency responses.
Storm drains, catch basin and drop inlets: Silt Socks block sediments and debris that generally causes blockage at these critical draining points.

Highway and Roadway construction and maintenance:

Reduces erosion during regrowth of vegitation on slopes, banks and directs water to retention areas.
New Construction Sites: Residential or commercial job sites generally require Silt Socks as the first and last step of the land project.

Inground Pool Installation: Protects around deep hole projects from sediment washing in. Great protection against sudden rain storms during such vulnerable situations.

Utility Contractors: Socks are made to specification of length and filler to meet changing environments. Our Silt Socks are palletized, protected from weather and easily handable for transport and use in space restricted areas.

Municipal: Local municipalities use Silt Socks around sewer and street water outlets and inlets to prevent leaf and debris from water flow.
Parks and Recreation areas: Silt socks are perfect for rocky, steep, muddy, forest, wetland areas that are uneven and have challenging access points.

Excavation: Silt Socks are quick and easy to install by excavation contractors themselves. No waiting for the installation subcontractor paying him… simply lay in place off the pallet let your project begin. Reusable and Moveable.

Quarrying and Mining: Silt Socks are used in these heavy industrious industries for their ruggedness, stacking ability, stays in place and allows maximum water passing in high flow situations.

Construction sites: Silt Socks are most effective in controlling water runoff on sites that require water flow direction and sediment retention. Effective around open holes and piles of overburden, removable material and finished material on site during the job.

Farming: In farming communities, Silt Socks are used in areas to protect against heavy rain and snow melting conditions where farmland could be compromised. They are also used as perimeter crop control. They are packaged very easily to move to remote areas.

Golf Course Management and Natural Athletic Fields: Silt Socks are commonly used in maintenance and repairs to golf courses and natural playing field projects as a soft and natural barrier between different types of growth and playing areas as they grow in new grass and plant life.