8″ SD

Construction Tubular Knit
Chemical Reaction Insert to most soil chemicals including Alkaline, weak acids and salt
Properties Fiber Material Multi-Filament Polypropylene
  Color Black
  Melting Point 250 degree C 482 degree F
  UV Protection Photodegradable / UV Stabilized
  UV Resistance
ASTM G-155
100% at 1000 hr.
  Approx. Life Expectancy* 24 Months
  Mesh Opening 1/16″
Roll Properties (Approx.) Roll Weight 16.3 kg 36 lbs.
Roll Length – Relaxed 326 m 1060 ft.
Applied Roll Length (Approx.) 8″ Diameter 287 m 933 ft.
Strength Properties Static Puncture ASTM D6241 96 psi
Packaging Package Type Roll

Weights and packaging may vary slightly in different production runs.

All rolls can be shipped individually or combined on a pallet

* Life Expectancy will vary with your type of application, region and local climactic conditions and should be used as a guide.

** Measurements are obtained from tests done in lab conditions and vary depending on accuracy of infield application

All information supplied is considered to be true and accurate. Any non-standard conditions that may affect the application of the fabrics should be consulted with Silt Sock.