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Silt Sock Erosion Soil Control

Mission Statement

Massachusetts Environmental Products is dedicated to providing earthly erosion, separation and filtering control to create environmentally-friendly job sites that are clean and safe for contractors and their customers as well as the surrounding neighboring lands. MEP is a manufacturer of the Original Silt Sock. A Cost effective low maintenance easy to install green reusable transportable product both replacing and supporting traditional silt fences. The first step in environmental safety on all new construction sites where the natural earth areas are disturbed and requires protection until the site work is completed and beyond.

Massachusetts Environmental Products’ silt socks are made of the highest quality materials for maximum protection from erosion, absorption, sediment, storm water, runoff conditions and filtering needs. On the inside, Socks can be filled with the mulch, compost, straw, rocks, sand or other materials to complete the job to satisfaction to meet required specifications. On the outside, Socks are made with a variety of materials and mesh sizes specific to the site requirements. MEP products can be removed at the end of the project or left to grow into the environment.

Massachusetts Environmental Products is proud to service companies specializing in landscaping, collection sites, recycle facilities, landfill operations, excavation, erosion, sea wall construction, spill control, quarries and mines, parks and recreation areas, pool installations, utilities, Earth digging contractors, farmers, golf course management, state and municipalities highway and street uses.

Conveniently located on Route 104 in Bridgewater, MA, Massachusetts Environmental Products serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are available 24/7 for emergency product needs for spills, leaks and other accidents. Our products are also available at a variety of local contractor supply and feed and grain outlets. We deliver to the job site and provide storage solutions. The experts at Massachusetts Environmental Products are available for consultation during each step of your project.